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As a retailer, will I join the program or will my supplier?

In some cases the retailer may prefer to report and remit EHCs directly to the program, rather than to pay the EHCs to the supplier when they purchase lights. In this case, the retailer registers for LightRecycle Washington as a participant and is then responsible for reporting sales and remitting EHCs to the program directly. The producer is then no longer required to report and remit EHCs on the sale or supply of those lights sold to that retailer.

To formalize this option where the retailer remits EHCs, the retailer must have a binding agreement in place with their suppliers and must notify PCA of any such arrangements to ensure all EHCs are properly recorded and remitted. A Supplier – Customer Remitter Determination Form must be provided to PCA as evidence that a binding agreement has been established.

Retailers who become participants of LightRecycle Washington and report and remit EHCs are allowed to retain a portion of the EHC as reimbursement for any costs associated with the collection and remittance of the charge. The remitting retailer hold-back is $0.02 per unit, up to a maximum of $200 per reporting period.