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What are my obligations as a producer?

Every producer of mercury-containing lights sold in or into Washington State for retail sale must participate in a product stewardship program for those products. LightRecycle Washington is currently the only approved product stewardship program, and participation is open to all producers.

Starting January 1, 2015, producers must add the mercury-containing light environmental handling charge (EHC) to the purchase price of all mercury-containing lights sold to Washington retailers for sale at retail. The producer shall report and remit the associated EHCs to PCA Product Stewardship Inc. (PCA) to fund the program.

Retailers or distributors may choose to report and remit EHCs directly to the program instead of paying them to the producer when they purchase lights. In this case, the producer must have a binding agreement in place with the retailer or distributor and must notify PCA of any such arrangements to ensure all EHCs are properly reported and remitted. A Supplier – Customer Remitter Determination Form must be provided to PCA as evidence that a binding agreement has been established.