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Participants in LightRecycle Washington are the producers, retailers, and/or distributors who sell mercury-containing lights in or into Washington State at retail. See our Resource Centre, FAQ and Participant News sections to learn more about the recycling of lighting products in Washington State and get useful information specific to participants that are potentially obligated under state regulations.

The LightRecycle Washington program was developed according to the provisions of Chapter 70.275 of the Revised Code of Washington “Mercury-containing lights-proper disposal” and is administered by PCA Product Stewardship (PCA), a non-profit organization. The program is funded through an Environmental Handling Charge (EHC) that is added to the price of each mercury-containing light sold at retail in Washington State and remitted to the program by participating producers, retailers and distributors.

Additional information about the program, the EHC, registration and reporting can be found using the links below.